Rare Music RM036 Life of dreams

Tony Levin/Paul Dunmall/Ray Warleigh/Evan Parker

Tony Levin, drums; Paul Dunmall, soprano and tenor saxophones; Ray Warleigh, alto saxophone, flute; Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophone.

  1. One sooner (10.29)
  2. Been here before (13.41)
  3. Dark age, light age (12.44)
  4. Life of dreams (05.11)
  5. Barriers of time (09.18)
  6. The word game (06.30)
  7. From the first (05.21)
Recorded live at Victoria Rooms, University of Bristol on 15 January 2006.

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) by Rob van den Broeck.

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