Rastascan Records BRD 009 (Y)earbook volume 2

Various artists

  1. Chris Jonas, soprano saxophone; Daniel Sarid, piano: High river (00.23); recorded on 9 November 1991 in Parsons Cinema at The New School for Social Research.
  2. John Zorn Ensemble [JZ, conductor; Myles Boisen, guitar; Gannon Hall, drums; Bob Ostertag, sampler; David Slusser, electronics; Trey Spruance, guitar; William Winnant, percussion]: Xu feng (05.50); Recorded live in concert on 9 September 1991 at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco.
  3. Ben Goldberg, halfinet: Improvisation on halfinet (04.56); recorded on 14 September 1990 at the Old First Church, San Francisco.
  4. The Molecules [Ron Anderson, guitar, cornet; Chris Millner, bass, voice; Thomas Scandura, drums; Luke Civil, percussion]: Radio's broken (04.48); recorded on 25 November 1991 at The Paradise, San Francisco.
  5. Steve Adams, alto saxophone: How science theories are verified (05.01); recorded on 30 September 1991 at the Bates Motel Solo Performance Series, San Francisco.
  6. Morphic Resonance [Roger Dannenberg, trumpet trumpet-controlled midi; Chris Koenigsberg, Thunder, recorder; Ben Opie, alto saxophone; Dean Rubine, monster feedback; Peter Velikonja, oboe, recorder]: Gateway (05.50); recorded 15 March 1991 at WRCT Studios, Pittsburgh.
  7. Miguel Frasconi, piano, paper, voice: 4 corners, part 3 (03.54); recorded June 1991 at the New Performance Gallery, San Francisco.
  8. Pierre Dørge, guitar: Mumbul (variation VII) (02.55); recorded 11 June 1990 at Copenhagen Sound Studio, Copenhagen.
  9. Robert Marsanyi, voice, computer; Carter Scholz, voice: AP:27 bits (07.36); recorded in October 1991 at The Marsh, San Francisco.
  10. Mike Hovanscek, electric zither, delay; Hal Rammel, sound pallette, delay; Rick Williamson, vocals, vocoder: Railyard meditation (07.26).
  11. Krystyna Bobrowski: Weave, unravel (for Baci) (05.52); recorded
  12. 27 October 1991 at Mills College.
  13. Keith Rowe, guitar, tape, processing: Untitled (06.49); background sounds from the motorbike race 'Amorce 50' in the streets of Montbert, France. No other recording information; presumed 1991.
  14. Anything Goes Örchestra: Recent music (04.55); recorded 20 September 1991 in Watchorn Hall, University of Redlands, CA.
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