Rastascan Records BRD 010 (Y)earbook volume 3

Various artists

Pluto [Ralph Carney, tenor saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, percussion, shenai; Steve Clarke, trumpet, guitar; Len Paterson, guitar, zither, tapes; Ellen Schoenwetter, bass; David Slusser, soprano and baritone saxophone, piccolo, mizwij, electronics; Marc Weinstein, drums; Myles Boisen, guitar]: The Pledge (04.08); recorded live in concert 17 August 1990 during the Accidental Dialects Concert at Koncepts Cultural Gallery, Oakland, CA.

Amy Denio, voice: Traffic island psycho (02.41); Recorded live in Spoot Studios in spring 1991.

Davey Williams, electric Steinberger guitar; LaDonna Smith, viola: Secrets and mirrors; recorded Alabama, October 1991.

Marty Walker, bass clarinet: For L.K. (03.28); recorded at Unlimited Groove, Los Angeles in fall 1991.

Crawling with tarts [Suzanne Dycus and Michael Gendreau, motors, shortwave, etc]: Motors V.3E (04.18); recorded at CCM, Oakland.

IDLH [David Caldwell, saxophones; Andy Rehfeldt, drums; Dave Tohir, backbone; Scott Vance, rastabass]: LC50 (04.22); recorded 1 January 1990 at SRO Studios, Fontana, CA.

Ed Hermann, Serge analog modular system; Andrew Voigt, alto saxophone: Shift in flight (04.54); recorded November 1991.

Tom Nunn, bugbelly T-Rodimba: T-Rodanza (06.47); recorded 13 February 1990.

Tamio Shiraishi, saxophone, piano, tape: Untitled (01.54); recorded 26 October 1990 at Good Man in Ogi Kubu, Tokyo.

Tokyo '77 [George Budd, turntables, synthesizers, percussion; Rick Cox, prepared electric guitar, alto sax; Thomas Newman, violin; Chas Smith, pedal steel guitar]: Reishi (06.22).

Debris [Arthor, guitar; Matt Turner, cello; Keith Hedger, cornet; Steve Norton, baritone saxophone; Curt Newton, percussion; Andrew D'Angelo, alto saxophone]: Big chocolate cake (03.11); recorded at Pete's Basement Studio, Westwood, MA on 27 October 1991.

Hans Reichel, doubleneck stereo guitar and 2 E-bows: Mini-suite [untitled] (07.22); recorded summer 1991.

Tom Djll, SERGE Modular Synthesizer interfaced with digital delay and sampler and multitrack recording: Dream band (04.02).

Graphic design by Hilary Davis.

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