Rastascan Records BRD 016 Lower lurum

Hans Reichel

Hans Reichel, guitar, daxophone.

Upper larum (04.03), Prelude to 'Onkel boskopp' [II] (01.14), Jealousy and goodness (01.36), ... continued (00.36), Melmoth the wanderer (01.24), For those who love propellers (02.54), The little waltz (01.45), Mr and Mrs Alcohol (01.55), I want you to be happy (03.07), A mission that failed (03.01), Good that we have guitar players (02.15), Please let me be your message (00.32), In harmony with Henry the Horse (02.04), Dining out at the shivering Szechuan (02.29), Feeding the Hans who laughs (02.11), Arrival of the midnight queen (02.35), Prelude to 'Onkel boskopp' [II] (02.24), Hohou speaks (01.49), Telling the truth about K minor (05.32), Innocence not permitted in the area (01.07), Bap & the tists (00.35), You may leave a cheque (02.07), We've deserved some sweets, but (01.10), Bad teeth in Marlboro Country (03.09), Prelude to 'Onkel boskopp' [I] (04.04), Dating at the Upper larum (01.48), Lower lurum (03.06).

Recorded end December 1993 to beginning of January 1994, in Wuppertal, Germany.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) shows sticks or boards in a variety of woods, all used in the daxophone; photograph by Hans Reichel.

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