Rastascan Records BRD 026 London and Cologne: Saxophone solos

John Butcher

John Butcher, soprano and tenor saxophones.

Some kind of memory (09.31), A thing or two (13.34), Shrinkdown (07.34), Almost secret (06.09), Continuo 8 (06.00), Schism (02.52), Our man in Acton (05.08), Close to reason (04.13).

All live recordings apart from Shrinkdown which is an improvisation against prepared tape (of 4 untreated, amplified soprano saxophones). Some kind of memory and A thing or two recorded at SoundArt 96, Conway Hall, London on 23 March 1996; Shrinkdown recorded at Dave Hunt Studios, London on 12 April 1996 (tape realised at Pathway Studios, London on 1 March 1996); Almost secret recorded at The LMC Day, ICA, London on 12 November 1995; Continuo 8 recorded at Random Acoustics Evening, Loft, Köln on 21 October 1994; other tracks recorded at A.I.M Concert, Loft, Köln on 2 September 1995.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Lucija Kordic.

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