Red Toucan 9326 Four compositions


SFQ1: Alex Ward, clarinet; Gail Brand, trombone; Alex Maguire, piano; Simon H. Fell, double bass; Steve Noble, drums.

SFQ2: Alex Ward, clarinet; Guy Llewellyn, french horn; Simon H. Fell, double bass; Mark Sanders, drums, electronics.

    Disc one: SFQ1 - Three quintets
  1. Composition No. 50: Köln Klang (09.43)
  2. Composition No. 40.5d: Trapped by formalism 2 (12.29)
  3. Composition No. 62b: Gruppen modulor 2 (24.12)
    Disc two: SFQ2 - Liverpool Quartet
  1. Liverpool 1a (07.51)
  2. Liverpool 1b (04.58)
  3. GM2 blues (07.21)
  4. Quartet (07.34)
  5. Liverpool 2 (06.32)
  6. GM3 rhythm (04.55)
  7. Kandinsky lines (04.53)
Disc one was recorded at Gateway Studio, Kingston-upon-Thames in March 2003; Disc two was recorded at the Bluecoat Centre, Liverpool on 31 January 2004.

Cover painting (reproduced above) Many moons by Rhoda Averbach; graphic design by Marcel Boucher.

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