ReR quarterly vol. 4, no. 2

Various musicians

  1. Q.R. Ghazala: Sacrifice to Isis (02.22); from 'Suite for radio and turntable', a cassette release, 1985.
  2. Mike Hovancsek, keyboard, modified electric guitar; Paul Guerguerian, percusssion: Three cold floors (03.59).
  3. Tom Dimuzio, shortwave radio, analogue synthesizer, processors, computer, DAT: Inception (04.08); compiled and edited 1991-1993 at Gench Studios, Newton, Massachusetts.
  4. Marie Goyette, sampler and performance: Short-cuts: Brahms (04.25); recorded at Elsenstudio, Berlin.
  5. Ken Ando, guitars: Danseuse (05.06); recorded 1987.
  6. Robert Iolini: Congo (01.40)
  7. Robert Iolini: Zimbabwe (02.27)
  8. Giovanni Venosta: from 'le ombre di Otello': Othello's shadow I (01.50)
  9. Giovanni Venosta: from 'le ombre di Otello': Othello's shadow II (00.38)
  10. Giovanni Venosta: from 'le ombre di Otello': Othello's shadow III (01.00)
  11. Keith Rowe, guitar, radio; Alain de Fillips, tapes: Feu brilliant (05.18); extract from a recording made 11 June 1992 at Feu Brilliant, Nantes.
  12. Brian Woodbury's Variety Orchestra: Shenandoah/Innsbruck (05.30)
  13. Richard Barrett: The unthinkable (06.27); realised in 1988-9 at Les Ateliers UPIC, Paris; slightly re-edited at Steim, Amsterdam spring 1995.
  14. Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer [Nenad Vrbaski, violin; Dusica Polovina, violin; Milan Vrsajkov, cello; Stevan Tickmayer, prepared upright piano]: Heterophony (07.02); recorded January 1989 at Radio Novi Sad.
  15. Volapuk [Guillame Saurel, cello; Michel Mandel, bass clarinet; Gigou Chenevier, drums, tape]: Des objets de la plus grande importance (03.26); recorded on 5 February 1994 at The BIMhuis, Amsterdam.
  16. Boris Kovacs, gran cassa; Ljubomir Zikovic, snare drum: Interludium: two drums; recorded at Novi Sad Reformed Church, July 1994.
  17. Philip Perkins: Virgo ramayana (06.00); composed and produced 1992.
  18. Shelley Hirsch, voice; Jon Rose, keyboard, violin; Chris Cutler, low grade electronics, percussion: After hours/the colour of blood (04.40); recorded 15 November 1993 at Radio Student, Ljublana.

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