Rogueart ROG-0040 13 miniatures for Albert Ayler

Various musicians as indicated below

  1. Jacqueline Caux, voice (03.57)
  2. Raphaël Imbert, saxophones; Urs Leimgruber, soprano saxophone; Joe McPhee, tenor saxophone, bugle; Evan Parker, saxophones; John Tchicai, alto saxophone (05.49)
  3. Jean-Luc Cappozzo, trumpet, flugelhorn; Sylvain Kassap, clarinets; Christian Rollet, drums (04.37)
  4. Steve Dalachinsky, voice; Joëlle Léandre, double bass, voice; Barre Phillips, double bass (07.41)
  5. Ramon Lopez, drums (03.13)
  6. Ramon Lopez; Barre Phillips; Michel Portal, bass clarinet (04.10)
  7. Jean-Jacques Avenel, double bass; Simon Goubert, drums; Joe McPhee (03.23)
  8. Jean-Luc Cappozzo; Joe McPhee (03.49)
  9. Evan Parker (03.44)
  10. Joëlle Léandre; Urs Leimgruber; John Tchicai (06.44)
  11. Simon Goubert; Raphaël Imbert; Sylvain Kassap; Didier Levallet, double bass (05.31)
  12. Joëlle Léandre; Urs Leimgruber; Lucia Recio, voice (06.40)
  13. Joe McPhee (05.13)

Recorded on 2 December 2010 at Fondation Cartier, Paris.

Cover design (front cover reproduced above) by Max Schoendorff.

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