Relative Pitch Records RPR1003 Take your time

Vinny Golia Quartet

Vinny Golia, tenor, alto and soprano saxophones; Bobby Bradford, cornet; Ken Filiano, bass; Alex Cline, drums.

  1. That was for Albert 10 (06.18)
  2. Otolith (07.18)
  3. On the steel (11.16)
  4. That was for Albert 11 (03.13)
  5. Welcome home (09.42)
  6. Parambulist (08.36)
  7. A guy we all used to know (13.58)
  8. Even before this time (10.32)
Recorded at Newzone Studio, Los Angeles on 3 July 2007.

Original artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Michael Sprigle.

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