Relative Pitch Records RPR1004 As the crow flies


Jim Hobbs, alto saxophone; Mary Halvorson, guitar; Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet, brass.

  1. The first time (03.32)
  2. As the crow flies (09.10)
  3. High noon (02.22)
  4. Kekionga (05.25)
  5. Southern school of complete reality (05.17)
  6. The north wind (01.46)
  7. Over yonder (05.27)
  8. Forest of the dead king (03.27)
  9. Cydonia's face (03.53)
  10. The salamander and the ramora (03.29)
  11. Bimini road (02.00)
  12. Il est écrit que la vie se réfugie en un seul espace (02.57)
Recorded at Hummelvision Studio, Jamaica Plain, MA, nd.

Original artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Michael Sprigle.

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