Relative Pitch Records RPR1021 Zerfall

Bogan Ghost

Liz Allbee, trumpet; Anthea Caddy, cello.

  1. For Janus (03.37)
  2. Egress (05.57)
  3. The gates (03.40)
  4. Past future faces (04.30)
  5. Pits (01.13)
  6. Trenches (01.55)
  7. Accumulation (04.34)
  8. The absence (03.52)
  9. Decay (05.19)
On track 1, synth recorded by LA, Berlin, cello and space recorded by AC at the Moks Centre for Social Practice, Mooste, Estonia; tracks 2-8 recorded at StudioBerne 45, Berlin; on track 9, trumpet and field recordings by LA at Wesleyan University, cello recorded at the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture, Australia.

Cover art and design (front cover reproduced above) by Zev Lander; art layout by Michael Sprigle.

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