Relative Pitch Records RPR1028 Variable bets

Tomas Fujiwara Trio

Tomas Fujiwara, drums; Ralph Alessi, trumpet; Brandon Seabrook, guitar.

  1. Mr. Or in pivot (08.57)
  2. Insomniac's delight (07.31)
  3. November wept I (05.45)
  4. The comb (09.59)
  5. Harp ran blond (04.50)
  6. A table's stem (variations on a theme by Benny Golson) (13.47)
  7. Lord Sumo (02.08)
  8. Nudge storms (05.06)
Recorded at Barbès, Brooklyn, Ny on 11 September 2013.

Art design and layout (front cover reproduced above) by Spl@T!.

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