Relative Pitch Records RPR1037 All the ghosts at once

Mette Rasmussen/Chris Corsano

Mette Rasmussen, alto saxophone; Chris Corsano, drums.

  1. Train track (08.13)
  2. _____'s lament (part 1) (02.56)
  3. _____'s lament (part 2) (02.05)
  4. Contester (02.446)
  5. How many of these things do we need anyway? (05.20)
  6. Exploding foods (11.02)
  7. Dots (for Paul Flaherty) (04.30)
  8. O space heater! My space heater! (12.16)
  9. Yesterday's teenyboppers are today's Republicans (02.35)
Recorded at Ibeam, Brooklyn, NY in October 2013.

Photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Peter Gannushkin; cover and layout by Chris Corsano.

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