SAJ CD3 I hear music

Sven-Åke Johansson's Rebop Ensemble Berlin

Henrik Walsdorff, alto saxophone; Stephan Bleier, bass; Axel Dörner, trumpet; Felix Wagner, piano; Sven-Åke Johansson, drums.
  1. No moon at all (04.33)
  2. The very thought of you (05.16)
  3. A fine romance (06.55)
  4. Joy spring (06.00)
  5. I hear music (04.51)
  6. Old devil moon (05.25)
  7. Spring can really hang you up the most (06.02)
  8. Too close for comfort (06.58)
  9. Ol' man rebop (theme) (01.00)
  10. You and the night and the music (08.12)
  11. From this moment on (06.21)
  12. Angel eyes (07.53)
  13. They say that falling in love is wonderful (04.35)
Recorded on 13 June 1998 at B-flat club, Berlin. The information above is based on an early CD-R version of this CD. It is expected that the CD will be released in 2001.

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