Sargasso SCD28030 Labyrinths

Lawrence Casserley

Lawrence Casserley, voice, percussion, monoharps, live computer processing; Simon Desorgher, flute, live computer processing (track 1), bass flute (track 3); Richard Durrant, guitar (track 2); Carol Morgan, piano (track 4).

  1. Labyrinth (21.20)
  2. The garden of forking paths: syllabic music; the pavilion of the limpid solitude; the labyrinth of time (20.40)
  3. The monk's prayer (10.36)
  4. Vista clara (13.31)
Track 1 recorded on 6 September 1998 at the Colourscape Music Festival, London; track 2 recorded on 8 June 1997 at Sallis-Benney Theatre, Brighton; track 3 recorded on 31 December 1998 at Coloma School, Croydon; and track 4 recorded on 7 December 1997 at Gateway Studios, Surrey.

Images (front cover artwork reproduced above) by Jac Depczyk.

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