Sargasso SCD28048 Angelic weaponry


Michael Ormiston, voice, morin khuur, flutes, jaw harps, bowls, shawm, electronics, percussion; Lawrence Casserley, signal processing instrument, voice, percussion, monoharps, moneño; Simon Desorgher, flute, piccolo, bass flute, queña, panpipes, Chinese flutes, nose flutes; Jeff Higley, Tibetan singing bowls, cymbal, jaw harps, flutes, voice.

  1. Angelic weaponry (25.02)
  2. Four mountains (05.44)
  3. Hippogriff (06.38)
  4. Heaven's wind (07.34)
  5. Installing ley lines (19.03)
Recorded at Lawrence Electronic Operations, Buckinghamshire, no date specified.

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