Sargasso SCD28057 Other presences

Jonathan Harvey

  1. Jonathan Harvey/Markus Stockhausen, trumpet, electronics: Other presences (11.07)
  2. Kaffe Matthews: Men being butterflies (07.26)
  3. Lawrence Casserley: Lost wax (06.23)
  4. Gilbert Nouno: Wataru jikan (11.35)
  5. Evelyn Ficarra: Fractured marble (07.26)
  6. Daniel Biro: Miles of Harvey (05.20)
  7. Anna Harvey: Lost frontier (05.04)
  8. John Palmer: Present otherness (10.51)
"Tracks 2 to 8 are remixes of Jonathan Harvey's 'Other presences' by seven composers who are all related, in one way or another, to Harvey and his music. Each composer was chosen by Harvey and received only the acoustic trumpet recordings (without hearing the complete version of 'Other presences') and was allowed total freedom to interpret the sonic material as they wished."

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