Silkheart SHCD 143 Nickelsdorf Konfrontation

The Joel Futterman - 'Kidd' Jordan Quintet

Joel Futterman, piano, curved soprano saxophone, Indian flute; Edward `Kidd' Jordan, tenor saxophone; Mats Gustafsson, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone; Barry Guy, acoustic bass; Alvin Fielder, drums.

  1. Hear With You [JF, KJ, MG, BG, AF] (1:21)
  2. Soul Mates [JF, KJ] (9.01)
  3. Meeting Place [JF, MG, BG] (6.41)
  4. Nickelsdorf Summit [JF, KJ, MG, BG, AF] (44.09)
    Part One (7.55)
  5. Part Two (7.58)
  6. Part Three (3.17)
  7. Part Four (6.48)
  8. Part Five (5.24)
  9. Part Six (5.55)
  10. Part Seven (6.49)
  11. Fournier [JF, KJ, MG, BG, AF] (5.16)
  12. Going With You [JF, KJ, MG, BG, AF] (1.53)
The session was produced by Joel Futterman, Edward `Kidd' Jordan, Mats Gustafsson, Barry Guy and Alvin Fielder, and recorded digitally by Ulrich Goebel at Jazz-Galerie Nickelsdorf, Nickelsdorf, Austria, on July 24th, 1995.

The front cover photography of the group on the festival stage at Nickelsdorf is by Hannes Schneider.

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