Silkheart SHCD 149 Hidden In The Stomach

AALY trio + Ken Vandermark

Mats Gustafsson, tenor sax, baritone sax; Ken Vandermark, tenor sax, clarinet, bass-clarinet; Peter Janson, bass; Kjell Nordeson, drums, percussion.

  1. Structure À La Malle [MG] (13.37)
  2. Why I Don't Go Back [KV] (10.00)
  3. Song For Che [Charlie Haden] (8.52)
  4. Unknown Title [KV] (8.25)
  5. Albumblatt Again [AALY Trio/Vandermark] (1.46)
  6. Ghosts / Spirits [Albert Ayler] (11.52)
The session was produced by Keith Knox and recorded digitally by Leif Allansson on December 18, 1996, at Europa Studios, Stockholm.

The front cover painting, entitled "Untitled', is by Håkan Rehnberg and photographed by Per Bergström.

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