Tomorrow's Classics TOCD 6004 Skraep2

Various musicians

Jøgen Teller: Osaka juice (08.23).

Pere Oliver Jøgens: Pluto in Wonderland (08.09).

Martin Klapper, toys, electronics, home-made instruments; Jindrich Biskup, floor percussion, Chris Burn, piano; John Butcher, tenor saxophone: A slightly upgunned selection (06.21).

Christer Irgens Møller: Sell out (04.31).

Olga Magieres and Joel Leonard Katz: The dead man (05.39).

Søren Gorm: Imfekt GN (06.22).

Vagn Olsson: Correction no. 1: the non ecological use of water stating the fact that art is a complete waste of time (03.18).

J. Brandt-P: Optilete (05.55).

Niels Winther: Panaman (07.51).

Ewa Jacobsson: Lingua sats 1 (07.10).

Dan Marmorstein: Fleeting shudder (12.00).

All recorded 1994-1995.

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