SLAMCD 215 Feathers with Jaki

Howard Riley

Howard Riley, piano; Jaki Byard, piano.

Round midnight (17.16), Straight no chaser (04.27).

Recorded at The Royal Festival Hall, London on 29 August 1984. Originally released on LP as Live at the Royal Festival Hall, Leo Records LR133.

Howard Riley, piano; Mario Castronari, double bass; Tony Marsh, drums.

Swigger swagger (07.00), Feathers (04.08), Subway one (04.53), Sweet but short (02.44), Yesterdays (07.39), Subway two (05.23), The clochard (05.32).

Recorded at Porcupine Studio, London, on 10 January 1988; originally released on LP as Feathers, Spotlite Records SPJ536.

Cover artwork (reproduced above) by Carolyne Sibley.

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