SLAMCD 268 A parallax view

Joe McPhee/Paul Hession

Joe McPhee, tenor and soprano saxophones; Paul Hession, drum set.

  1. Tipping point (10.23)
  2. Blue coat, blue collar (10.50)
  3. From Eremite to Termite (06.32)
  4. Evocation (14.35)
  5. Love is (like walking naked on a razor blade) (03.27)
  6. What can we do? (for Peter Brötzmann and Michael Zerang) (09.53)
Tracks 2, 4 and 5 recorded on 20 January 2003 at Bluecoat, Liverpool; other tracks recorded on 21 January 2003 at The Adelphi, Leeds.

Cover design (front cover reproduced above) by Paul Hession and Geoff Clout.

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