Songlines 1510 Serpentine

Han Bennink/Dave Douglas

Han Bennink, drums, cymbals, clogs, 'French' violin, harmonica, other stuff; Dave Douglas, trumpet.

Two clogs for comfort (02.27), Two close for comfort (04.32), Stekelbaarsje (03.01), Neck four (04.44), Young and foolish (03.54), Serpentine (04.15), Rein (03.54), Greenleaf (02.01), Alap (11.36), Cherokee (04.07), ZVV (01.35), Delft (06.00), Inamorata (02.14).

Recorded at Koeienverhuur (Rent-a-Cow) Studio, Purmerend, Holland on 30 January 1996.

Artwork and photography (front cover reproduced above) by Han Bennink.

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