Soul Note 121139-2 Olu Iwa

Cecil Taylor

Cecil Taylor, piano; Thurman Barker, marimba, percussion; William Parker, bass; Steve McCall, drums; Earl McIntyre, trombone (1); Peter Brötzmann, tenor sax, tarogato (1); Frank Wright, tenor sax (1) B Ee Ba Nganga Ban'a Eee! (48:21), Olu Iwa [Lord Of character] (27:09).

Recorded live during Workshop Freie Musik 1986 at the Academy of Arts, Berlin, on 12 April 1986.

Note: there has been some confusion/controversy over whether Peter Brötzmann actually plays on the first track of this CD. He has confirmed that he does.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Elena Carminati.

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