Sublingual Records SLR012 Principle hope

Daniel Carter/Laurence Cook/Peter Kowald/Jonathan LaMaster

Daniel Carter, reeds, trumpet, flute; Laurence Cook, acoustic and electronic percussion; Peter Kowald, acoustic bass; Jonathan LaMaster, acoustic violin, electric 6-string violin, bowed metal; Keith Fullerton Whitman, realtime audio processing (track 11 only).
  1. Awakening (05.35)
  2. Spirit of hope (04.44)
  3. New flakes on dirty snow (04.02)
  4. M.S. Darling (07.23)
  5. Danse de la Liberté (06.33)
  6. Schöne töne (bass and clarinet duet) (03.42)
  7. The many and the few (05.12)
  8. Atlantis by sine wave (violin and drum duet) (05.22)
  9. Weight of the world (03.52)
  10. A prayer in the universal language (07.39)
  11. Live at the Tremont Theatre (04.07)
Tracks 1-10 recorded at PBS Studio, Westwood, MA on 2 March 2001; track 11 is an edit of a live concert at the Tremont Theatre, Boston, MA on 3 March 2001 in collaboration with Keith Fullerton Whitman who processed all sounds in real time.

In addition to the audio tracks the CD features a 16 minute 31 second QuickTime movie of the group in performance at the Tremont Theatre on 3 March 2001.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Joanne Kaliontzis.

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