Textile Records TCD22 Think about it

George Burt/Raymond MacDonald Quartet

George Burt, guitar; Raymond MacDonald, alto and soprano saxophone; George Lyle, double bass; Nicola MacDonald, voice, melodica; Daniel Padden, vocals, clarinet, percussion; Bill Wells, piano; Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello; Michael Zerang, drums.

  1. Don't repeat this (04.16)
  2. Confidential [FLH/BW] (03.16)
  3. An issue of mutual concern (07.54)
  4. Quiet word (02.26)
  5. Secrets (09.40)
  6. Southsider 'Burt' (04.51)
  7. Think about it (09.23)
  8. Whispers (11.06)
  9. Whistling in the dark (04.29)
Recorded on 29 May 2006 at The Practice Pad, Glasgow.

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