Thirsty Ear THI570103.2 Masses

Spring Heel Jack

John Coxon and Ashley Wales plus: Tim Berne, alto and baritone saxophnes; Guillermo E. Brown, drums; Roy Campbell, trumpet; Daniel Carter, flute, alto and tenor saxophones; Ed Coxon, violins; Mat Maneri, acoustic and electric viola; Evan Parker, soprano saxophone; William Parker, double bass; Matthew Shipp, piano; George Trebar, electric bass, double bass.
  1. Chorale [JC/EP/WP/MS/AW] (09.13)
  2. Chiraroscuro [GEB/DC/EC/JC/GT/AW] (08.16)
  3. Interlude 1 [RC/JC/MM/AW] (01.52)
  4. Masses [TB/GEB/RC/DC/JC/MM/EP/WP/MS/AW] (05.33)
  5. Cross [RC/JC/MM/AW] (05.17)
  6. Salt [GEB/JC/EP/WP/MS/AW] (04.45)
  7. Medusa's head [TB/JC/AW] (01.31)
  8. Red Worm [TB/JC/EP/AW] (06.26)
  9. Interlude 2 [GEB/DC/JC/WP/AW] (03.05)
  10. Coda [JC/MM/AW] (06.04)
Recorded upstairs at the Strongroom, London and Sorcerer Sound, NYC, 2001?.

Design and photography (front cover reproduced above) by Cynthia Fetty.

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