XERIC XER-CD-100 The education of Lars Jerry

Mats Gustafsson

Mats Gustafsson, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, French flageolet, fluteophone.

  1. A visit to Källom (08.51)
  2. Lars gets a lesson in myckelgensjö (04.30)
  3. A photo is made in Sundsvall (04.19)
  4. Disappointing lack of initial support (in Kubbe) (06.22)
  5. Success in Drömme II (04.57)
  6. Message from Fatmomakke (04.28)
  7. Studies in saxnäs (06.41)
  8. Lars develops arachnophobia in Amerika (05.33)
Recorded 12 October 1995 at The Renaissance Society art gallery, Chicago.

Design (cover reproduced above) by Jeff Hunt.

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