Ash International {R.I.P} Ash 4.3 Al-Jabr

Various artists vs. Disinformation

  1. Evan Parker, overdubbed and multi-tracked soprano saxophones: London's overthrow (13.03); recorded at LMC Sound for a Resonance FM broadcast in July 1998
  2. Tactile: Pandemonium (03.40)
  3. Jim O'Rourke: Booming bass (02.34)
  4. Simon Fisher Turner: Parabolas (09.19)
  5. Mechos: Raxor (06.22)
  6. Lawrence Casserley: 'K'h'mkB£#ñpi (03.54)
  7. T:un[k] Systems: Synaptic radio (14.23)
This CD is based on the albums R&D (Ash 2.9) and R&D2 (Ash 9.2), electromagnetic noise recordings by Disinformation. Tracks from these CDs have been sampled, remixed, changed or used as tracks on which to base improvisations over the top (Evan Parker).
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