True Muze TUMU CD 9803 Live at Palo-Palo

Vlatko Kucan Quartet plus Tomasz Stańko

Vlatko Kucan, tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet; Tomasz Stańko, trumpet; Michael Danner, trombone, tuba; Jay Oliver, double bass; Bill Elgart, drums.

  1. Dance of the robot people (08.35)
  2. Gigolo (12.54)
  3. Paris blues (12.40)
  4. Floating (12.44)
  5. Tuba tune (03.50)
  6. 'round midnight (09.05)
Recorded at Palo-Palo, Hannover on 19 March 1991.

Layout and desing (cover reproduced above) by Jons Vukorep.

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