Umlaut Records ub004 The Braxtornette Project

Die Hochstapler

Pierre Borel, alto saxophone; Louis Laurain, trumpet; Antonio Borghini, double bass; Hannes Lingens, drums (not on Part I); Tobias Backhaus, drums (Part I only); Pierre-Antoine Badaroux, alto saxophone (Part IV only); Axel Dörner, trumpet (Part IV only); Joel Grip, double bass (Part IV only); Antonin Gerbal, drums (Part IV only).

    CD 1
  1. Part I.1: 23E - Peace - 23D - Faces and places - 23A (25.08)
  2. Part I.2: 23B - Free - Change of the century (12.32)
  3. Part II: Good old days - 40(O) - 40(B) - 40(L) - 40(F) - European echoes -The ark - 40(I) - The empty foxhole (34.41)
    CD 2
  1. Part III: 53/69 D/Poise/Ecars/Joy of a toy/Deedee/69J/53/Forerunner/W.R.U/53 (31.54)
  2. Part IV: 348 - Free jazz - 348 (21.00)
Parts I and III recorded at Wendel and Sowieso, Berlin 2011 and 2013; Part II recorded at Hagenfesten, Dala-Floda, in 2012; Part IV recorded at Ballhaus Ost, Berlin in 2013.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Pierre Borel and Léa Lanoë.

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