Umlaut Records UMFR-CD05 A nest at the junction of paths

The New Songs

David Stackenäs, guitar, preparations, e-bows; Eve Risser, piano, preparations; Sofia Jernberg, voice; Kim Myhr, guitar, baroque guitar, zither.

  1. Je suis l'épine d'un pin (I'm a pine tree prickle) (09.53)
  2. Reality had a little weight (06.44)
  3. Un carreau blanc (A white square) (06.26)
  4. Puff (05.45)
  5. Fil 1 (Thread 1) (06.16)
  6. The hill (09.16)
Recorded at Studio Juillaguet, France on 25/27 September 2011.

Photographs (front cover reproduced above) by Andreas Ulvo; cover design by Pauline Ruhl Saur.

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