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Various artists

  1. Helen Chadwick: Words (02.23)
  2. John Butcher, soprano saxophone: Memory constant (03.04); recorded on 29 June 1997 at a concert co-produced by Woodland Pattern Book Center and WMSE-FM in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as part of the "Alternating Currents Live" series.
  3. Clio Gould, violin (D. C. Heath, composer): Kyle of Lochalsh (05.07)
  4. Dave Holland, bass (composed by Glenn Moore): Three step dance (04.58)
  5. Philip Gibbs, guitar: aaarrgh! (03.34)
  6. Vyacheslave Ganelin, piano, synthesizers, percussion: Expressions (03.40)
  7. Reinhold Westerheide, guitar (composed by Michael Van Der Aa): Auburn (08.34)
  8. Walter Fabeck, chromasone, composer: Les astronautes (03.50)
  9. Julian Argüelles, saxophones: Intro to the 3Js (03.15)
  10. Lindsay Cooper, sopranino saxophone, bassoon, composer; Charles Gray, modified samples, synthesizer: Pia mater (05.00)
  11. Tim Brady, guitar (composed by Jeremy Peyton Jones): 18 guitars (14.38)
  12. Cecilia Chailly, electric harp (composed by Ludovico Einaudi): Lento (03.50)
  13. Enrico Caruso, voice; Alan Feinberg, piano: Any resemblance is purely coincidental (07.56)

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