Vand'Oeuvre 9611 achiarycarterholmes

Beñat Achiary/Kent Carter/David Holmes

Beñat Achiary, voice; Kent Carter, double bass; David Holmes, drums, percussion. bass clarinet, alto saxophone.

  1. Noite (04.10)
  2. Soubresaut (03.30)
  3. Nuit sans sommeil (d'après Fédérico Garcia Lorca) (04.05)
  4. Théâtre de la nuit (07.40)
  5. Sonnet de Gongara (04.28)
  6. Lazare (d'après Henri Michaux) (06.05)
  7. On the sunny side of the street (11.05)
  8. Hot pepper (03.17)
  9. Post-scriptum: Obabatxue (lullaby) (04.15)
Recorded in Vand'Oeuvre at Studio CCAM on 22 February 1994.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Anita Navarette-Berbel; graphics by Serge Corto.

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