ARM 02 A night in Sana'a

Berg-Und Talfahrt

Peter Brötzmann, saxophone, clarinet; Michael Zerang, drums; Abdul-Aziz Mokrid, violin; Kalid-Barko Sch, cello; Achmed Al-Khalidy-Kanun Ali Saleh, ney; Yasir-Al-Absi, darbuka.
  1. Aza-hu wa adhla-ni (08.51)
  2. Borne back home (09.54)
  3. Jumpin' and rollin' (04.01)
  4. The 3 back 2 for procedure (07.26)
  5. Song for Fred (12.48)
  6. Ya nasim al-sahri (07.03)
Recorded live at Deutsches Haus, Sana'a, Yemen on 12 December 2004.

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