Babel Label BDV15135 #Two

Black Top with Evan Parker

Pat Thomas, piano, keys, laptop programming, samples, looping; Orphy Robinson, Xylosynth, Roland JX3P, bass marimba, samples, laptop programming, drums, percussion, FX pedals, steel pans; Evan Parker, tenor saxophone.

  1. Tourmaline (06.35)
  2. Gold (06.03)
  3. Star line was what he said! (07.50)
  4. Diasporic liaisons in Dalston (07.25)
  5. Ivory, uvory and we very (05.31)
  6. Ebony speaks like a drum (06.59)
  7. Afronauts Ra black fore moor (15.36)
  8. Quiet voices & other noises (08.08)
  9. Carried way beyond (13.54)
Recorded live at the Vortex Jazz Club, London on 20 March 2014.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Ian'Swifty'Swift.

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