Casco Records 003 The moonlight nightcall

New Rumours and Other Noises

Ada Rave, alto and tenor saxophones, clarinet, preparations, voice; Nicolas Chientaroli, piano, preparations, voice; Raoul van der Weide, contrabass, crackle box, objects, voice.

  1. Influences (05.52)
  2. Lonely beings (02.32)
  3. Walking shadows (08.13)
  4. The silent bridge (05.55)
  5. No room (02.37)
  6. With a touch of fear (02.17)
  7. Croppy boy (02.13)
  8. The moonlight nightcall (05.47)
Recorded at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam on 20 January 2015.

Cover art (front cover reproduced above) by Raoul van der Weide; graphic design by Hidde Dijkstra.

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