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The Blueprint Project with Han Bennink

Jared Sims, alto and tenor saxophone, clarinet; Eric Hofbauer, guitar; Tyson Rogers, piano; Han Bennink, drums.
  1. The holly stomp (05.10)
  2. Herbie Nichols (04.20)
  3. The flu and Dr. B (05.24)
  4. Captain Salvy sets sail (05.05)
  5. Ruby, I think you're my third favorite (04.36)
  6. Bessie, with angles (02.53)
  7. Chillfreetimeistrodemus (04.40)
  8. Jac-Mac talkin' (05.28)
  9. Nu moon at Yoshi's (05.25)
Recorded at Overdub Lane, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. No date given but could be 2005 during Chadbourne/Bennink tour of US.

Front cover figurines (reproduced above) by David Assel; graphic design and photography by Benjamin Shaykin.

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