BYG YX-4012/3/Get Back GET2010 Orient

Don Cherry

Don Cherry, pocket trumpet, flute, piano, voice; Han Bennink, drums, assorted percussion, voice etc. (On Orient and Si Ta Ra Ma); Mocqui, tambura (On Orient and Si Ta Ra Ma); Johnny Dyani, bass (On Eagle Eye and Togetherness); Okay Tamiz, drums, percussion (On Eagle Eye and Togetherness).

    Record 1
  1. Orient part 1 (14.38)
  2. Orient part 2 (10.50)
  3. Eagle Eye part 1 (06.45)
    Record 2
  1. Eagle Eye part 2/Togetherness (18.28)
  2. Si Ta Ra Ma (19.25)
Orient and Si Ta Ra Ma recorded in Carpentras, France on 11 August 1971; Eagle Eye and Togetherness recorded in Paris on 22 April 1971.

Front cover photographs (part of front cover reproduced above) by Masatoshi Sunayama; design by Shigo Yamaguchi.

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