hcmf special release Trance Map

Trance Map

Evan Parker, soprano saxophone; Matt Wright, turntable, computer; Toma Gouband, percussion.

  1. (04.02)
  2. (04.17)
  3. (03.00)
  4. (03.59)
  5. (09.41)
  6. (03.37)
  7. (11.20)
  8. (16.42)
"Track markers indicate changes of texture or a new seed starting to germinate."

Recorded on 24 January 2013 (date from Evan Parker) at Instants Chavirés, Montreuil.

This CD-R was specially produced by the hcmf (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival) in association with Evan Parker and available through donation to support "a new commission for an emerging composer or artist". The initial documentation indicated that 100 CD-Rs would be made available but the final item suggests that 85 were distributed in this way; each was signed and numbered by Evan Parker. The commission has been awarded to Percy Pursglove and the work will premiere at hcmf// 2016.

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