MPS 15205 Psalmus spei/Requiem for Che Guevara

Wolfgang Dauner/Fred Van Hove

Wolfgang Dauner, organ; Manfred Schoof, trumpet; Gerd Dudek, tenor saxophone; Eberhard Weber, cello; Jürgen Karg, bass; Fred Braceful, drums.
  1. Psalmus spei for choir and jazz group (13.07)
Fred Van Hove, organ; Cel Overberghe, saxophone; Kris Wanders, saxophone; Willem Breuker, saxophone; Ed Kröger, trombone; Peter Kowald, bass; Han Bennink, drums.

  1. Requiem for Che Guevara, Martin Luther King, John F. and Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X (17.30)
This LP features two compositions with quite different personel, one on each side; the front cover gives prominence to the Fred Van Hove piece though this is on side 2 of the record. Both were recorded at the Berlin Jazz Festival on 10 November 1968.

Cover design and layout (front cover reproduced above) by Heinz Bähr.

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