MuWorks MUW 1013 Headfirst into the flames: live In Europe

Last Exit

Sonny Sharrock, guitar; Peter Brötzmann, reeds; Bill Laswell, bass; Ronald Shannon Jackson, drums.

Lizard eyes (5.30), Don't be a cry baby whatever you do (6.35), So small, so weak, this bloody sweat of loving (4.25), Headfirst into the flames (3.00), A knight of ghosts and shadows (6.25), Jesus! What gorgeous monkeys we are (11.01), Hanged man are always naked (10.05), No one knows anything (5.15), I must confess I'm a cannibal (10.40).

All titles are Quotations out of "The Journal Of Albion Moonlight" by Kenneth Patchen

All compositions by Sharrock/Brötzmann/Laswell/Jackson

Recorded live in Stockholm and Munich, 1989

Final production by Robert Musso

Artwork by Kenneth Patchen

Cover: Brötzmann

Re-issued in 2008 on DMG ARC 0701

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