No-Fi NEU011 Good cop bad cop

Derek Bailey/Tony Bevan/Paul Hession/Otomo Yoshihide

Derek Bailey, solo guitar improvisations, voice; Tony Bevan, saxophone; Paul Hession, drums; Otomo Yoshihide.

  1. No hiding place/Softly sofly [DB/TB/PH/OY - OY/TB] (18.10)
  2. Morse [DB/PH] (16.35)
  3. The bill [OY/PH] (06.47)
  4. Good cop bad cop [DB/TB] (09.47)
  5. Flying squad [DB/TB/PH/OY] (19.59)
Recorded on 14 November 2003 at the Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool.

Cover design (reproduced above) by John Wiese.

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