No Wave NW CD 2 Visions & blueprints

B-Shops for the poor with Peter Brötzmann

Jon Dobie, guitar, alto saxophone, computing; David Petts, tenor saxophone, computing; Louise Petts, alto saxophone, vocals; Steve Blake, tenor and soprano saxophones; John Edwards, acoustic and electric bass; Peter Brötzmann, saxophone and tarogato.

Later than you think (03.16), 03A (03.39), Slanting hours (02.26), Weimar years (03.19), Fear of drift (01.03), Think belt (02.46), Sigh (03.41), Safety square (02.18), Little judge (03.41), No statues (08.39), Flags in wounds (02.26), Meat first (03.02), Out station (02.08), Rotten elements (02.08), Dictaphone scream (05.35).

Recording released 1992; probably recorded 1991.

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