Recorded 019 The enigma carols

Phil Minton

Phil Minton, voice; Audrey Chen, cello, voice (tracks 1, 5); Peter Jacquemyn, double bass (track 1); Tatsuya Nakatani, percussion (track 1); The Feral Choir (track 2); Samuel Burt, clarinet (track 3); Caleb Johnson, electronics (track 3); Scott Moore, tuba, invented instruments, voice (track 3); Claire Cooper, guzheng, harp (track 5); Scott Rosenberg, reeds (track 5).

  1. Someone would have to invent you (05.13)
  2. The Feral Choir (26.34)
  3. For the horseman (09.13)
  4. Bard primeval [PM solo] (10.25)
  5. A song from the feather tribe of the forbidden aviary (08.26)
Recorded 2005 at the High Zero Festival, Baltimore, US.

Photography (front cover reproduced above) by Stewart Mostofsky.

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