Recorded 020 Palatially palpable

Scott Moore

Scott Moore, blowers, weather balloon, bells, sticks, sousaphone, voice; Rose Hammer, baritone saxophone (track 2); Mazen Kerbaj, prepared trumpet (track 2); Melissa Moore, field recordings, amplified objects, electronic processing (track 2); Phil Minton, voice (track 3); Samuel Burt, clarinet, voice (track 3); Caleb Johnson, stringed inventions, electronics (track 3).

  1. Company [SM solo] (12.55)
  2. Palimpsest (30.21)
  3. Three legged nocturnal (19.42)
Recorded 2005 at the High Zero Festival, Baltimore, US.

Photography (front cover reproduced above) by Stewart Mostofsky.

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