Repertoire Records REP 4688-WY The return of Onkel Boskopp

Hans Reichel/Eroc

Hans Reichel, guitar, daxophone; Eroc, drums, guitar, bass.

  1. Old bones (05.04)
  2. Grey brother (04.38)
  3. Sari's waltz (05.26)
  4. Onkel boskopp (10.05)
  5. Hallo Heinz (04.33)
  6. Hattnatten (07.07)
  7. The Knödler show (06.00)
  8. Little waltz (02.36)
  9. Fancy blue (04.25)
'It started in October 83 and was completed in August 97 after long periods of thinking, arguing, or just doing nothing.'

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Hans Reichel; photograph by Sari Furuya.

Originally released in 1986 as Kino: studio opera with EROC on LP Teldec Import Service TIS 66.23921.

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