Remote Viewers RV10 City of nets

The Remote Viewers

David Petts, tenor saxophone, noise generator; Adrian Northover, sopranino saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone; Rosa Lynch-Northover, keyboards, percussion; Sue Lynch, tenor saxophone; Caroline Kraabel, baritone saxophone; John Edwards, double bass, cello, drum programming.
  1. City of nets (03.37)
  2. Strange welcome (06.15)
  3. Red test (03.30)
  4. The wiring party (08.26)
  5. Trivia (02.22)
  6. A girl and a gun (03.21)
  7. Table talk (05.43)
  8. Dark thread (03.09)
  9. Uninvited (04.40)
  10. Night desk (05.46)
Recorded at Oxo Tower Studios, London, 2012.

Cover design and photograph (reproduced above) by Adrian Northover.

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