Remote Viewers RV11 Crimeways

The Remote Viewers

David Petts, tenor saxophone; Adrian Northover, sopranino saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, electronics; Rosa Lynch-Northover, keyboards, tuned percussion; Sue Lynch, tenor saxophone; Caroline Kraabel, alto saxophone; John Edwards, double bass, electronics, rhythm programming.
  1. Crimeways (04.32)
  2. The mark on the wall (04.32)
  3. On a quiet front (04.38)
  4. A strayed riveter (04.25)
  5. Woken by water (08.12)
  6. Three faces west (07.00)
  7. New statue (05.46)
  8. Vague boxes (05.46)
  9. Mass isolation (13.22)
Recorded at Oxo Tower Studios, London, 2013.

Cover design and photograph (reproduced above) by Adrian Northover.

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