Remote Viewers RV13 November sky

The Remote Viewers

David Petts, tenor saxophone, noise generator; Adrian Northover, sopranino saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, wasp, autoharp; Sue Lynch, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Caroline Kraabel, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone; John Edwards, double bass; Mark Sanders, drums.
  1. Quiet money (07.24)
  2. Hearing an army (03.15)
  3. November sky (02.59)
  4. Shadow war (03.29)
  5. Still we laugh, still we run (05.22)
  6. Crowd figure (08.48)
  7. Fictioned future (03.42)
  8. Dead paper (06.08)
  9. The room above the square (02.56)
  10. Treasure guard (05.15)
Recorded at Oxo Tower Studios and Red Shed Studios, London, 2015.

Cover art/design (reproduced above) by Adrian Northover.

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